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International Matchmaking Tours Of Russia

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Every year, thousands of American men women from overseas and take them back to the United States. For over a decade the number of Russian women available on the Internet has greatly increased.

Naturally, there are risks for both parties. The Russian woman is isolated in a foreign country and she is often economically dependent on her husband, rendering her vulnerable to abuse. The man must face the risk that his new bride is keener on getting a green card than she is in being married to him. Despite the considerable risks, however, the U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services estimates that the divorce rate for marriages between American men and mail order brides is only about one in five.

Dozens of international matchmaking agencies on the Internet will introduce you to as many Russian women as you care to meet (for a price, of course – catalogs sell for at least USD100, and addresses go for as little as USD10 each). Some of the international matchmaking agencies even arrange tours of Russia that will allow you to meet scores of Russian women personally. International matchmaking tours of Russia usually run for three weeks or so, and can be purchased for as little as USD3,000 including airfare and hotel accommodation. Your contact with these women will be restricted in order to guard against men who pose as potential husbands in order to take a Russian sex tour.

Don’t propose too soon – before you marry her, make sure that she is someone with whom you would enjoy living with the rest of your life. Many of these women are extraordinarily beautiful – just try to remember that no woman stays beautiful forever (on the outside, at least!). English language ability is probably more important than beauty, at least at first (unless your Russian language skills are superb!). Be aware, too, that some of these women have children from a previous marriage. But if you make a wise choice, she might just prove to be a lifelong blessing.