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How To Avoid People Who Lie On Online Dating Sites

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

For instance there is the older man or woman who lies about their age. I don’t mean they lie about being a few years younger, but men who are in their 50s but their dating profile states they are 22 years old. An easy way to find out if these people are lying is to ask for a very recent photo of the person holding up the date, to prove it’s actually there photo and not a stolen image taken from some where online.

Another type of weirdo is the person who joins a dating servicer just to waste time when they are bored at work for their own entertainment at your expense. Not only do office workers engage in this, but then you also get underage teenagers who get a kick out of lying to men or women and they try to see how far they can take it. They use stolen pictures of models with fake profiles, then they contact you and lead you on for fun.