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Matchmaker Services For Men – Increases Your Chances of Finding Your Match!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Matchmaker services are a great way for men to increase their chances of finding a mate. It’s difficult to know what to look for and what to ask someone to find out if they would best be compatible with us. This is why matchmaker services are helpful. They do the leg-work for you, so you don’t have to.

Online dating matchmaking services are a $900+ million dollar a year industry in the US alone. For matchmaker services to stand out from their competition, they have to offer more elaborate ways for people to find a mate.

Assuming that most online matchmaker services target people looking for short-term flings or dating, some matchmaker services move beyond that by building what you would call a ‘brand identity’. They target people who are looking for longer-term relationships. Because of the uniquely specialized services these matchmaker sites offer, they may have fewer users, but a more dedicated user-base.

The question is if the matchmaker sites that use personality assessments for matchmaking do better at setting people up, than if these people were to find each other on their own online. Success rates for online dating are hard to measure.

If you are looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage, compatibility assessments are valuable.Values, beliefs and experiences are all predictors of what makes a relationship successful. Without the help of a site that offers a systematic way to assess for these factors, people wouldn’t know how to go about getting this valuable information they need on their own.Finding someone you are attracted to is the easy part, the more difficult piece is finding someone that you can get along with.

If you can get to know someone’s background, education, experience, future goals, character, health, and genetic factors – then you may be better off spending the membership costs to join matchmaker services that offer compatibility testing, than it would be to take that same money and hope to find a mate in a bar or on a general online dating site.