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Easter Baskets – Dating Advice From Casanova Pete

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Casanova Pete has a reputation for being a real ladies bunny. In his earlier days, this rabbit was one that could chase any chick and land a date. That was until he met Penny, the love of his life, but that is another story. Although his heart only goes pitter patter for one sweetie now, good old Pete has agreed to share some of his best dating advice.

Sit back and get ready guys, this is some good stuff, and it does work. Just ask the long line of hot bunnies who once had the pleasure of being swept off their feet by the one and only Casanova Pete.

Dating Advice For Men Emotions

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Dating for men can sometimes feel like a mine field. There are so many things to contend with when entering the dating scene, that some men don’t know where to start. Many times these men have tried to approach women in bars and clubs as well as at work or college. But there is something that these men lack in understanding. There is are keys to unlock the mysteries that are women.

These keys are different for different women, but all come in the flavor of emotions. To understand a women you must understand her emotions. To get a women to go out on a date with you, you must be able to elicit and produce the positive, attractive, and enticing emotions. The study of capturing and leading imagination is known as Speed Seduction

To understand these emotions is actually more than you need to do on a lot of levels. In reality its hard to completely understand what someones emotions will be. So you must as before you go out on a night on the town or even before you ask to go on a date.

So think about dating for a second, really its like a kind of interview. A long one or a short one, a fun one or bad one, a date is an interview. The job qualifications by and large come down to “how do you make the other person feel” and “how do I feel about them.” Its the feeling that counts, not what car you drive or what clothing you wear, or anything else like that. However these things may produce an emotion in the women.

What is important is that you ask in a non-needy, and extremely subtle way how the other person is feeling. And I do mean subtle, as in body language ques or asking for tiny favors like “pass the salt.” Look for the signals that show that the women is interested or not.

Remember a date is an emotional interview consider how she is feeling, but don’t ask directly unless you think its really important (like she looks scared) and be aware of what the women is saying with in her emotional language.